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Recommended KYTESOL Links

  • JCPS resources in various languages (click on English as a Second Language on the left margin)
    • A great resource for ESL educators: Masters in ESL.   According to the US Dept. of Education, 30 states have declared a teacher shortage in ESL/TESOL - This website may help make a bit of a difference.
    • Check out Dr. Broady's website for a whole slew of ESL resources. Here are just some of the categories:

          *Academic Writing Skills
          *Adult ESL Issues
          *Book Reviews
          *Books & Materials
          *Cultural Resources
          *Cultural Resources USA
          *Diversity Issues
          *ESL Teachers You Tube Videos Informing About Heritage Cultures
          *Fun culture stuff
          *Migrant Issues
          *National Clearinghouse
          *Refugee Issues
          *Research/Theory Stuff
          *School/Home Connection

    • Kentucky World Language Association, an organization with whom we share much in common

Undergraduate TESOL, Graduate TESOL, & ESL Certificate Endorsement Programs in Kentucky

ESL Resources and Links

Search Engines:

ESL Sites:

Colorin Colorado, a bilingual site for families and educators of ELLs

Karin’s ESL PartyLand:


Teacher Tube:

Voice of America:

English as a Second Language (Ron C. Lee, Ph.D.)

The English Club:

Center for Applied Linguistics ESL Websites List

ESL Publisher Links:
Alta ESL

Cambridge University Press ELT


Michigan Press ESL/ELT

Oxford University Press (ESL)

Pearson Longman ELT

Key Pals:


personal writing examples.htm





Lesson Plans:
References for Yahooligans website lesson


Rubistar: Create free, customizable rubrics for any classroom activity.  Choose from a variety of existing rubrics or create your own. Enter class scores and analyze your class's performance. 
Teach-nology: Choose from a variety of free existing rubrics or join as a member for a low yearly subscription fee and create customizable rubrics.

Rubrics for Web Lessons: Discover the purpose of rubrics and their role in authentic assessment.

MidLink Magazine Teacher Tools - Rubrics and Evaluation Resources: Choose from a variety of existing rubrics or use a template to create your own customized rubric.
SCORE (Schools of California Online Resources for Education) - Rubrics: Choose from a variety of existing rubrics.

Worksheet Generator:

Learning Games:

Homework Help:

Learn Spanish

Developmental Math Links

Graphic Organizers:

SIOP Central


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